Remembering To Say Hello

Multiple times each day we remember to say hello to those we encounter such as our family, friends, and pets as we rise in the morning, our co-workers as we begin our work day,  a gas station clerk, grocery store cashier, and on and on. To an acquaintance or a stranger we extend this greeting even if it is with a simple head nod and a half smile.

I just went shopping at a local supermarket and I’m recalling saying hello at least four times, to people I’ve never met before, but with whom I made eye contact as we each waited for the aisle clutter to dissipate.  It’s a holiday today so the market was much busier than normal.  Note to self – not the best time to shop!

I finally made it to the check out aisle, paid for my groceries, loaded them into my car and began my drive home.  While on the highway, I caught a glimpse of my favorite bird of the sky – a hawk.  I just love them.  Strength meets grace as this beautiful bird of prey glides high above the tree line with its spanned feathers and signature red tail.  I smile every time I see one.

I didn’t always notice them.  A couple of years ago I was seeing wildlife every where.  Deer, bear, porcupines, turtles, cardinals, even eagles started crossing my paths at all different times.  I remember thanking God for His sweet wildlife and asking Him to continue to show me them…from a safe distance of course.  I do NOT want to get up close and personal with a bear.  Once I saw a mamma bear with her three cubs.  What a sight! But I was glad to be in my car rather than on a walk!

I believe God knew it thrilled me to see His beautiful creatures in their natural habitats, and so He kept showing me.  And the one creature He shows me more than anything is the hawk.  I see them almost daily. Now, some could say that hawks are everywhere and it is not uncommon to look up and see one at any given time.  This might be true, at least in New England. But their abundance in nature is not what I credit.  I credit my God who directs my eyes to their presence and in doing so, invites a God-moment that reminds me to say hello.

On Day 6 in From God, through Daisy I discuss how the busyness of life can often prevent us from saying hello to our Heavenly Father as family, work, and extracurricular obligations fill our schedules as well as our thoughts. “We forget that God is with us and longs to be part of whatever we are doing” (pg 19).  For me, the soaring hawk has become a symbol of God’s presence.  He sees me.  He is near.  And it serves to remind me to pause for that moment and acknowledge Him by saying hello.

It has blessed me so much to have this physical symbol of God’s presence. Now, whenever I’m in a car I am looking up and expecting my flying beauty to appear. Whether God chooses to show me one or not, I know He is with me.  Just the act of looking for the hawk begins my greeting and fills my drive with prayer.

Need a way to fight the stress of overcrowded roadways? Start praying. Sing worship music. And occasionally look up, He just might surprise you. Just look up when it is safe to do so.  We don’t want to be the cause of the stressful roadway!

Do you have something that is a symbol of God’s presence? Something that speaks to you personally and reminds you that He is near? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it.

God bless….and look up 🙂




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